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For Albion and (San) Andreas

Over the past two weeks, the boyfriend and I have played through and defeated the beast of Albion and the greater San Andreas area.

We took on the demons of each world with a great deal of expectation for both Grand Theft Auto V and Fable III, and each time were left with more than a tad bit of disappointment.

While most people will tell you each game is wonderful and I agree to some level, each…

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A New Endeavor

After my split from the Houstonian, I found myself quickly falling into a depressive slump thanks to my new abundance of free time. Of course, this is to be expected when you go from working 40+ hours a week to playing videos games and sleeping all of the time. 

In an effort to dissolve all of the boredom in my life, I have come up with an idea. I have decided to start a podcast. I wont go into…

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The ASUS T100


The ASUS T100.

As many of you may be aware, I am incredibly hard on electronics. My history with technology is one filled with mangled laptops and cracked screens. So, it should come as no surprise that I have been forced to purchase yet another computer, despite having only just bought a Chromebook in January.

Admittedly, this is the fastest turn around I have had when it comes to computers, and…

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Terrorized a Scammer

So, as many of you are probably aware, there is a scam in which you receive a phone call from an individual claiming to represent “Windows Operating Systems.” During these calls they will attempt to convince you to give them remote access to your computer for various nefarious plots.

Today, like everyday, we received that call and being a crafty person I do the following:

Me: Hold on. What is…

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I had been planning to upload these photos for a while but my mentally handicapped phone wouldn’t allow it. Either Way here are some things I drew in my sketchbook.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Inside of My SKetch I had been planning to upload these photos for a while but my mentally handicapped phone wouldn’t allow it.

An End

I am drug from my cell by a man with a vocabulary like that of a third grader. The hall that lies before me is lined with others awaiting the same fate as I. Awaiting the much too brief march down this same hallway, so they may be dealt a proper punishment for their crimes, by the hands of the God- fearing state. The irony of the death penalty kills me as I realize Hammurabi’s code has never been…

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The Reason HBO is the best

The Reason HBO is the best

There are many reason to love and obsess over HBO. Whether your poison is Game of Thrones, True Detective, The Leftovers or the always popular The Wire, there is a little something for anyone. 

But the number one reason I love HBO, aside from its massive episode budgets, bold sense of humor and flawless casts, is the fact that they can get away with the following clip:


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The worst day ever

After recently taking on 21 additional hours a week, I thought that my life was finally looking up and everything was going to be okay.

Alas, nothing can ever be remotely decent in my life. I lost a job I hadn’t even had the chance to start and have officially left the Houstonian for good.

I have come to the conclusion that I cannot continue to give endlessly only to be screwed over again and…

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Desperation 2: The Beggening

Desperation 2: The Beggening

I have reached an all new level of desperate over this summer. Despite having worked almost every single day I am no further out of the monetary hole than I was before. In fact I am pretty sure that I am poorer now than when school ended.

So in a moment, or rather a few months, of weakness I have decided to create a GoFundMe page.

GoFundMe in all honesty is the agoraphobics version of…

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Search Histories are for dummies

Search Histories are for dummies

The internet has grown into an amazing, catfishing, shopping and porn-hopping world.

Since the birth of the web, hundreds of ways to hide every terrible and disgusting thing you are even remotely curious about have been invented.

The thing is that apparently only three percent of the Internet knows how to activate anything even remotely close to an Incognito window.

That being said, if you aren’t…

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The Wonderful Doctor of Oz

The Wonderful Doctor of Oz

Courtesy fo CNN

Courtesy fo CNN

Since the times of the Old West, snake oil salesmen have plagued America with promises of cure-alls and magic potions with exaggerated prices.

They traveled the land feeding off of desperation and hope, fooling anyone they could into buying their remedies. Many times this led to their vicious murder at the hands of an angry crowd, but when it didn’t it led to a fortune earned with…

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Is the World Cup worth the protests?

Is the World Cup worth the protests?

The obsession has only reached its halfway point, yet everyone from grandmas to Google lose their minds over the 2014 World Cup.
Unfortunately, if you are one of the 12 people who do not give a flying shit about soccer, you are more than likely going to be forced to endure fans more insane than Gary Busey.
The World Cup has been an escalator for insanity since the beginning of time. The event has…

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The Unexplained

Though I live as an avid atheist I have always found a form of solace in the idea of the unexplained. Since before I can remember I have been fascinated by mysteries of all kinds. Whether they be disappearances, deaths, eerie activity or supposed haunting, the things that supposedly go beyond the human realm of comprehension fuel my desire to understand more.

Mysteries go beyond just what some…

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Working hard for the summer

Working hard for the summer

It is once again that special time of year. No, not graduation time, no one cares about that. It is time for all of the summer hires to get off their couch encrusted asses and remember what it feels like to deal with morons for a living.

If you are lucky like, I once was, you may be able to score a desk job with your mom. If you aren’t so fortunate than you get to re-familiarize yourself with…

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